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Capital Projects

Note: This Capital Improvements Projects portal may not work with older computer systems. If you would like to provide input on this portal, please email

  • Select “Department” drop down to filter projects by department
  • Select “Council District” drop down to filter projects by council district
  • Deselect the department or council district number to return to the “All” category of projects
  • Project Count and Total Budget (in gray) will change depending on which filters are applied
  • The box in upper right location will change depending on which screen has been selected. For example, “Click Here for Project List” box on far upper right provides the project list. When the project list displays, the box changes to “Click Here for Project Status.” When the project status displays, the box provides a selection for “Click Here for Large Map” and “Click Here for Pavement Maintenance Projects.”
  • Selecting a single item in any of the lists will gray out all other items. To activate other items, click again on the item originally selected to return to the full list.
  • To go back to any page, click the “Back” button on the upper left location.
  • Hovering over a project location dot on the map will display project details

Capital Improvements Projects List – The document provides a list of projects that have been approved by City Council.
Adopted Capital Improvements Projects List