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Application Process

Select the location of a Park, Facility, Sport Field or Aquatic Facility that you would like to request a reservation for. For more information on facilities and park locations click here Parks, Facilities.

If the selected date is available a permit application will need to be submitted to the Administrative Offices located at 1501 E Hadley Ave, at least 2 weeks in advance of reservation.

Permit Applications to include fees and additional documentation can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Hand deliver to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices (1501 E. Hadley Ave.)
  • Send completed permit application via email to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices (

Payment will only be taken at the Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices (1501 E. Hadley Ave.), or mailed to PO Box 20000, Las Cruces, NM 88004

General Facility Rental Rules and Regulations

Purpose: To ensure that all City-owned parks and recreation facilities are made available on an equitable basis to individuals, groups and organizations residing within the City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, New Mexico.

Policy: Priority for use will be given to year-round recreational programs directly sponsored and/or co-sponsored by the City of Las Cruces. The School District will have next priority for use of fields and facilities. All individuals, groups and organizations must abide by all facility and City of Las Cruces rules and regulations, the Municipal Code, and must obtain special permits if such are required (i.e.,Sound Permits). Refer to Las Cruces Municipal Code (LCMC), Chapter 20, Parks and Recreation, Article I. “In General”, Section 20-1.


User fees are established by the City Council. All applicable fees and/or deposits must be paid a minimum of seven working days prior to the approved event by cash, credit card, check or money order made payable to the City of Las Cruces

Aquatic Fees

Party Room : $100 for 3.5 hours.
-Swim Session: Infant: 0-2 years Free
-Youth: 3-17 years $3
-Adult: 18-59 years $4
-Senior: 60 years & over $3
-Child Watch: $1

Sports Field Fees

-Per 12 hour increment for tournaments

Adult Tournament Fees (up to 12 hrs)

4 Field Complex $600.00
3 Field Complex $450.00
Single Field $150.00
High Noon 1-5 & 11 & 12 $500.00
Burn Lake $300.00
Provencio Van Dame $300.00
Soldados $200.00
Apodaca $200.00

Youth Tournament Fees

4 Field Complex $200.00
3 Field Complex $150.00
Single Field $50.00
High Noon 1-5,11 & 12 $250.00
Burn Lake $150.00
Provencio / VD $150.00
Soldados $100.00
Apodaca $100.00

Park Facility Fees

Permitted exclusive use of a park/area/section is $50 per area/section per four (4) hours. Exclusive use of an entire park, if scheduled for more than one day of use, a flat fee may be applied to determine applicable fees.

Electricity/Water Fees: Use of electricity / water at designated parks is a $50 added fee to the requested planned event.

Hold your event Downtown

Main Street Downtown is a great place to hold your next event. Find out more here or contact Parks and Recreation below for more information about permitting and fees.


Contact Information

1501 E. Hadley Ave

Las Cruces, NM 88001

Tel (575) 541-2550

Fax (575) 541-2650