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More Asylum Seekers Arrive in Las Cruces Donations Sought 2019

U. S. Border Patrol agents transported more asylum seekers from South America to Las Cruces for the second consecutive day today.

A total of 83 arrived today. Sixty-one were taken to the Community of Hope campus; 33 children and 28 adults. An additional 22 arrived at the City’s Meerscheidt Recreation Center; ten children and 12 adults with approximately 80 more expected later today.

Meerscheidt is currently closed to the public and will remain closed until further notice. All games and activities at the center have been cancelled, including today’s on-site T-ball registration. Online registration is available to those who have met the new I.D. requirements at

Yesterday, 68 migrants, children and adults, were taken to the Gospel Rescue Mission with an addition 25-30 to the Community of Hope campus.

As asylum seekers continue to arrive in Las Cruces, more donations of food and personal hygiene items are needed. Donations can be taken to the Las Cruces Community of Hope, 999 W. Amador and the Gospel Rescue Mission, 1050 W. Amador Ave. Utensils, napkins and paper plates are needed at Meerscheidt.

Also needed are personal hygiene products including sanitary napkins; shampoo; conditioner; lotion; lip balm; clothing; towels; blankets; and canned food and bottled water, foam padding for bedding, and stuffed toys for children.

The Gospel Rescue Mission is reporting long lines of people delivering donations.