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Asylum Seeker Report for 4-17-19

  • As of midnight, the City of Las Cruces has accepted more than 800 asylum seekers.

  • As of 1 p.m. today, 85 arrived with more expected.

  • Total bed count; 224 with deficit of 43 for tonight. Looking for additional capacity.

  • Active sites are Gospel Rescue Mission, Community of Hope and County Triage Center. El Calvario has offered space.

  • Representative from State Medical Reserve Corps arrived at Office of Emergency Management (OEM) today to begin preparations to open a Volunteer Reception Center at OEM tomorrow afternoon to relieve volunteers experiencing burnout. News release to be issued.

  • Looking for consolidated facility to serve as single focal point for intake and shelter operations.

  • Meerscheidt Recreation Center was clear of asylum seekers as of 9 p.m. last night. It is undergoing rehab today for scheduled opening tomorrow. News release to be issued.

  • Doña Ana County receives more county volunteers to assist with travel arrangements at County Triage Center.

  • Asylum seekers who book their own travel are typically making their own arrangements to airport/other.