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Five Juveniles Charged in Burglary of Downtown Business 2019

Police have charged five juveniles for their involvement in Friday evening’s burglary of a footwear store in Downtown Las Cruces.

The juveniles are boys ages 16, 15, 13 and two 12-year-olds.

All suspects are charged with one count each of non-residential burglary, conspiracy, larceny and tampering with evidence. The two older teens also face charges of breaking and entering, and criminal damage to property.

Las Cruces police investigators learned that, about 9 p.m. Friday, April 12, an employee of NM Hype received notification on his cell phone that the store’s security cameras had detected motion. The employee logged into the security camera application and was able to view several juveniles in the store.

The employee, his girlfriend and two relatives drove to NM Hype, at 128 S. Main St., where they witnessed five or six juveniles carrying stolen merchandise down a stairwell. The boys all fled in different directions. The employee caught one of the boys and held him until police arrived. Another boy was found nearby. Security guards at the nearby Federal Court building helped police locate the other three boys and the merchandise that was stolen.

Items stolen from NM Hype included shoes, clothing and skateboards. The stolen merchandise is valued at more than $6,000.

Investigators determined the two older teens gained access to the business through a vent. Once inside the store, they opened the back door for the younger boys to enter. Police believe at least one other boy participated in the burglary. Charges against him are pending.

All five boys were issued juvenile Class III citations and booked into the juvenile section of the Dona Ana County Detention Center.