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High Wind Damage Monitored by City Staff 2019

The City of Las Cruces Parks & Recreation Department is learning that today’s high winds are causing problems across the city, including damage at city properties, litter and debris in ponds and parks and overturned trash receptacles at ballfields or downtown.

Parks staff have discovered and assessed the damage of a canopy structure at Sam Graft Park (4320 Sedona Hills Pkwy), and report that although it was scheduled to be replaced within the next couple of weeks, it would be dangerous to try to repair the damage at this time.

The current damage consists of a tear in the canopy fabric. Contractors are usually hired to install these types of structures, and they use bucket trucks and other equipment that the Parks section does not currently own to do so. Staff have received several calls of damage or disruption at city properties and facilities, and will continue to monitor for other concerns such as downed trees and other hazards.

If during high wind events where damage appears dangerous, residents are encouraged to call non-emergency dispatch at (575) 526-0795. For emergency situations, call 911.