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City to Unveil New Website 2019

Visitors to the City’s website will have a completely new experience beginning May 1 when the new website will replace the current one. The new web design comes from months of migrating widely used content from the previous website and integrating it with new features for easier navigation for residents and visitors to find information about the City and the services the City provides.

Regular users of the City’s website will need to update their bookmarks – those pages they save to easily return to the information. Anyone who tries to use the former bookmarks with the new website will likely encounter problems.

One new feature of this updated website is the video spotlights located on some pages. The new site will allow visitors to subscribe to topics they care about and be notified when updates or additional content is added to these topic areas. Another new feature on the website is a link to podcasts about City Departments.

Site visitors can still find the City’s content at, and will still see the theme “Live, Work, Play.” The home page will continue to host news, hot topics, a community calendar, contact information, a site search function and a tool which translates the website into a collection of different languages. However, the page will contain new imagery, a more concise layout, and quick links to some of the pages many visitors often use.

The City continues to increase transparency of information and to improve access to material under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.