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Las Cruces Asylum Seeker Report for April 16, 2019

  • From Friday 4/12/19 through this afternoon 4/16/19, the City of Las Cruces accepted more than 600 asylum seekers. More than 400 have been transitioned to their sponsor destination.

  • Today, the City received 70 asylum seekers with 15 more expected before end of day.

  • The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been working with New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) to enlist vetted volunteers utilizing their ID process.

  • The plan is to have Meerscheidt reconstituted by Thursday. OEM anticipates that it will be empty by this evening to allow for Wednesday cleaning and preparing to open Thursday. 49 asylum seekers are currently at the center. Meerscheidt is their first stop after being dropped off by Border Patrol for travel arrangements before transitioning out.

  • Dona Ana County’s Triage Center is ready to receive. Cots have been delivered and meals arranged for an initial 30 asylum seekers; arrival time TBD. More cots have been delivered to existing sites.

  • City PIO has been designated the central point of contact for all media, social media and press information to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information. Please direct all media inquiries to Udell Vigil at 575/541-2200.

  • Casa de Peregrinos is the only point of contact for food supplies for this effort. No food deliveries to shelters directly will be accepted.

  • NM U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall’s offices are looking into CBP plans to build a central processing center in El Paso.

  • Both the City and County are limiting public access to sites with asylum seekers for reasons of HIPAA, privacy and security.