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60 Citations Issued in Pedestrian Safety Campaign 2019

Las Cruces police conducted a pair of pedestrian safety projects Thursday and issued 60 citations to motorists for various traffic violations.

The majority of the citations, 36, went to drivers who failed to yield to a pedestrian in a designated crosswalk. Police issued eight citations to drivers without proof of insurance, six for operating a vehicle without a driver’s license, five for having expired registration and two for using a cell phone while operating a moving vehicle.

The remaining citations were for other traffic offenses.

The one-hour projects were held on Picacho Avenue, near Las Cruces Fire Station 1, and on west Picacho Avenue near Melendres Street. Police plan to hold similar projects in the near future.

Police remind drivers that they must stop and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians entering a marked, mid-street, crosswalk and at crosswalks at intersections. Motorists traveling through a green light have the right-of-way but should watch for pedestrians crossing the roadway. At intersections with traffic lights, pedestrians should only cross the road when given the ‘walk’ sign and only after traffic has come to a stop.