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Downtown Two-Way Conversion New Traffic Pattern 2019

A new traffic pattern will begin in Downtown Las Cruces as part of the completion of the Downtown Two-Way Conversion and Revitalization Project.

To limit the impact on businesses, motorists, and pedestrians, the changes in traffic pattern will be phased. The first phase includes converting Water Street and Church Street to two-way traffic between Bowman Avenue and Griggs Avenue. This traffic pattern change will be a permanent change beginning on Wednesday, March 20. This will be the first of three phases in converting the entire Downtown into two-way traffic.

For the public’s convenience, crews will place stop signs at the intersections of Griggs Ave. and Water St. and at Griggs Ave. and Church St. (see attached intersection photo) along with flashing the traffic signals in red. The traffic signals will flash red for seven days and revert to standard two-way traffic signal timing thereafter.

These installations are improvements as part of the Downtown Two-Way Conversion and Revitalization Project constructed by Morrow Enterprises, Inc. in conjunction with the City of Las Cruces and do not conflict with other roadway construction closures.