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Our Mission

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Las Cruces Utilities (LCU) operates as a non-profit organization governed by the Utilities Board of Commissioners (Board) that establishes strategic policy. LCU provides utility services to approximately 100,000 residents and businesses within its service territory. LCU is solely funded by rates and charges authorized by the Board. The LCU Director’s responsibility is to manage, operate, plan, and develop all services within its six sections. More information about the Las Cruces Utilities Department can be found in the Utilities Administration page, as well as in the annual report.

The Gas Section provides a safe and reliable supply of natural gas to approximately 40,000 customers. This Section is divided into five sub-sections: Construction & Maintenance; Corrosion Control; Locating & Mapping; Operations & Compliance; and Pressure & Service.

The Water Section provides safe and clean drinking water and wastewater treatment services. This Section is divided into five sub-sections: Meter, Valve, and Hydrant; Water Line Maintenance; Water Production.

The Wastewater Section provides the wastewater collection and treatment services. This section is divided in two sub-sections: Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment. The treatment is handled by three facilities: East Mesa Water Reclamation Facility, Jacob A. Hands Wastewater Treatment Facility, and the West Mesa Industrial Park Wastewater Facility.

The Solid Waste Section provides 362 days of reliable residential curbside pickup to over 31,000 homes and 2,687 commercial businesses. In Fiscal Year 2015/2016, this Section collected more than 28,000 tons of residential trash and 44,600 tons of commercial trash, which was then taken to the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA).

The Administrative Services Section provides financial, budgetary, rate and rate administration oversight, meter reading, field services, warehousing, dispatch, new connections, utility customer service, and utility billing and accounts receivable management.

The Regulatory Environmental Services (RES) Section provides water conservation services, environmental management, and regulatory compliance assistance. It is presently managing four programs: Pollution Prevention; Regulatory Compliance; Water Conservation; and Water Quality Laboratory. RES also monitors the Griggs and Walnut Superfund Site.

The Technical Support Section provides support in the areas of Capital Improvement Project Management; Engineering Plans/Permit Review; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); and Water Rights Management.

Jorge Garcia

Dr. Jorge Garcia

Lucio Garcia

Lucio Garcia

Gas Administrator
Adrienne Widmer

Adrienne Widmer

Water Administrator

John Mrozek

Wastewater Administrator

Robin Lawrence

Robin Lawrence

Solid Waste Administrator
Joe Provencio

Joe Provencio

Administrative Services
Carl Clark

Carl Clark

Regulatory & Technical Administrator

Contact Information

Las Cruces Utilities
680 N. Motel Blvd., Las Cruces, NM 88007

Mailing Address
PO Box 20000, Las Cruces, NM 88004

(575) 528-3500
Fax: (575) 528-3513

Utilities 24-hour Emergency Service
(575) 526-0500

Water Waste Hotline
(575) 528-4444

Utilities Customer Service
City Hall
700 N. Main Street
(575) 541-2111
Fax: (575) 541-2052*
*for activations/deactivations only

New Connections & Field Services
(575) 528-3657

Utilities Delinquent Accounts
(575) 541-2061 or 2063

(575) 528-3505

Administrative Services
575) 528-3502

Water & Wastewater
(575) 528-3515

Solid Waste
(575) 528-3700

Industrial Pollution Prevention
(575) 528-3596

Yard Waste - Foothills Landfill
(575) 521-9356

Compost - Jacob Hands Wastewater Treatment Plant
(575) 528-3597