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Keep Las Cruces Beautiful – The City of Las Cruces values its beauty and KLCB strives to partner with residents to keep the city looking its best. We all can make a difference. Check out the many Keep Las Cruces Beautiful resources for every level of participation and make a positive impact in your neighborhood. Report litter and weeds at Ask the City.

Water Conservation – As Las Cruces faces persistent drought conditions water conservation is a serious issue for all of us. The Water Conservation Program through the City of Las Cruces Utilities works to reduce water use by city government and city residents through education programs and by policy with the Water Conservation Ordinance. Through conservation practices, we can all make a difference. Report water waste at Ask the City.

Smart Landscaping – The Water Conservation Program through the City of Las Cruces Utilities offers Lush and Lean workshops that help residents make the best use of the limited water resources available. Las Crucens can learn about developing and maintaining beautiful garden areas that are also water wise. A schedule of classes and other resources are available through the program.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention – Preventing contaminants from entering the storm water system from the grates in city streets and other access points is important to keep our natural water sources clean. Although we live in an area with limited rain and snowfall, we need to be aware that pollutants such as oil, sediment, pet waste, fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals, household chemicals and litter get washed off streets and hard surfaces downstream to the Rio Grande when the rains and snow do occur. The City of Las Cruces has a stormwater management ordinance and Public Works provides educational resources to help Las Crucens conserve and protect water sources. Report stormwater pollution at Ask the City.

Dust Control – Las Crucens know that living in the desert means having to deal with dust, especially when seasonal winds blow in the Southwest. Not only is dust flying but the winds erode land. The City of Las Cruces has soil and wind erosion ordinances that address dust issues – known as fugitive dust. The City’s Community Development department also works with residents, businesses and property developers in reducing the amount of fugitive dust present in the community, and partners with other agencies to address health awareness, air quality control, erosion control and inspections. Report dust pollution at Ask the City.